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See you in Austin!

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Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP) is delighted to be part of the National League of Cities (NLC) Congress and Exposition Event November 18 – 27 in Austin, Texas. As a current NLC business partner and organization dedicated to advancing cities and communities, USP is very excited to be an integral part of the event again this year. USP advisor, Jim Hunt, will also be one of the participants in the Solutions Session on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. sharing information about solutions city leaders can easily implement into their own communities.

Embracing the conference theme, “The Future of Cities,” USP’s Service Line Warranty Program is a perfect example of how cities can improve for their future. Through water conservation and addressing aging infrastructure, the program aims at advancing communities through an affordable program for homeowners. Together with the National League of Cities, the Service Line Warranty Program is a high-quality and trustworthy program to address the rising costs of utility line repairs.

Be sure to stop by the NLC Pavilion to see the USP team and learn more about how our program can help your community. Current partners are also invited to stop by the booth for a special gift for your participation in the program.  President and Chief Executive Officer, Philip E. Riley, Jr., along with Vice President of Business Development, Brad Carmichael, advisors Jim Hunt and Cathy Spain and many other members of USP’s team will be at the booth throughout the event.

See you in Austin at #NLCATX!

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Corporate Review Discusses Utility Line Warranty with Utility Service Partners

Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP) spoke with Corporate Review to discuss the effects of aging infrastructure on communities around the nation. For homeowners, addressing this issue can be extremely expensive. Private lines, subject to the same elements that cause problems in public infrastructure, are the responsibility of homeowners and could lead to costly repairs.

“For cities, critical utility systems can end up being a major expense,” said Vice President of Programming for Corporate Review, JL Haber. “When we heard about how Utility Service Partners works to provide low-cost warranties to cover repairs to these utility lines when something goes wrong, we had to get them on the show to spread the information.”

When water and sewer lines break, it is a hassle for homeowners to find a reputable plumber and pay for the unexpected subsequent repair. Since these lines are underground, repair work often requires digging and obtaining permits, which can add to the cost. Utility Service Partners works together with cities around the nation to bring the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program to communities as a solution for homeowners through low-cost warranty protection. These warranties cover the high costs of line repairs while also protecting the environment. Aging infrastructure has become a forefront issue for communities around the nation and water and wastewater infrastructure was given an overall D grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Tune in to Corporate Review on Fox Business Network (as pd. prog) on November 16 to learn more about how Utility Service Partners helps cities and homeowners.

Corporate Review Air Date (as pd. prog)

November 16, 2014

Fox Business Network

Check your Local Listings for airtimes. For specific market-by-market air dates and times, please email Moniqueh@mmpusa.com. For more information, please visit to www.corporatereview.tv.

About Corporate Review – Corporate Review is an award-winning business and health program that is independently produced by MMP (USA), Inc. The show provides its viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions to the industry problems from some of the top business leaders from across the world. With more than 5,000 companies participating on over 500 shows, Corporate Review continues to be the premier and targeted outlet for the latest business and health stories. Corporate Review airs on cable networks to over 100 million potential television households.

About Utility Service Partners – Founded in 2003, Utility Service Partners, Inc. strives to be the leading provider of solutions to North American municipal and utility clients by delivering quality programs that bring value to both the client and their residents. Operating under the consumer brand Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) and Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC), USP and SLWA are committed to addressing aging infrastructure across the nation through public-private partnerships.

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Hamilton, Ontario, surpasses more than 6,500 enrollments with Service Line Warranties of Canada

The City of Hamilton, Ontario, has surpassed more than 6,500 enrollments with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) since the program rolled out in September 2014. The program offers affordable protection to homeowners for water lines, sewer lines and in-home plumbing repairs. The City of Hamilton joins more than 200 municipalities in North America to offer the program to homeowners and is the first business venture for parent company Utility Service Partners, Inc. in Canada.

“We are very excited by the response we’ve had in Hamilton,” said Philip E. Riley, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer for Service Line Warranties of Canada. “SLWC is committed to providing exceptional customer service and peace of mind to the City of Hamilton and its residents.”

Service Line Warranties of Canada offers an optional protection program for water lines, sewer lines and in-home plumbing available only through partnerships with cities and municipalities. Warranty protection is offered to homeowners at an affordable price for failures due to normal wear and tear.

“This optional program through Service Line Warranties of Canada provides Hamilton residential property owners a relatively unique opportunity to access warranty protection,” said Mike Zegarac, General Manager, Finance and Corporate Services for the City of Hamilton. “We expect that other cities will follow Hamilton’s lead by considering the value of providing this optional program to their communities.”

For more information on how to bring this program to your community, visit www.utilitysp.net.

About Service Line Warranties of Canada – Service Line Warranties of Canada is the brand used by the Utility Service Partners, Inc. family of companies and is one of North America’s largest and most trusted sources of utility line warranties, serving residential customers since 2003.

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Climate Impacts on Water: Going to Extremes

by Carolyn Berndt

Extreme weather events, extreme drought and extreme flooding are among the impacts that climate change is and will have on water quality and availability in cities.

water1According to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor Report, 30 percent of the contiguous United States is experiencing “moderate” to “exceptional” drought, with 82 percent of California experiencing “extreme” or “exceptional” drought. At the same time, cities up and down the east coast recently experienced higher tides than normal, known as “king tides,” due the alignment of the Earth, moon and sun.

While king tides are predictable events that are unrelated to climate change, the Washington Post described last week’s high water levels as a “preview [of the] the increasing threat of sea level rise” and called sea level rise an “X-Factor” that could exasperate the impacts of tidal flooding.

Earlier this year, the National Climate Assessment found that very heavy precipitation events have increased nationally, droughts have intensified, and flooding has increased in many parts of the U.S. The upcoming NLC Congress of Cities will dive into these topics through a two-part workshop for communities facing “too much water” and those facing “too little water.”

Too Much Water

Sea Level Rise
Approximately one third of the U.S. population—more than 100 million people—live in coastal communities that are threatened by rising sea levels and higher storm surges.

water2Perhaps no group has been more vocal about drawing attention to the impacts of sea level rise on their community than local leaders in southeast Florida. In 2009, the counties of Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach formed the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact to jointly reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change, particularly sea level rise.

Cindy Lerner, Mayor of Pinecrest, Florida will speak about the impacts of sea level rise on southeastern Florida and how local officials in the area are taking action to protect infrastructure, property and lives and raise awareness among citizens and the state government.

Heavy Downpours and Increased Flooding
With climate change and higher temperatures, extreme weather storms are arriving with greater frequency and intensity. Cities like Dubuque, Iowa face chronic and severe flooding as a result and are adopting solutions to managing an increasing amount of stormwater runoff. The Dubuque Bee Branch Watershed, where over 50 percent of residents live and work, is one of the areas hardest hit by flash flooding.

Roy Buol, Mayor of Dubuque will highlight the city’s efforts reduce stormwater and flooding, including the Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project, which will reduce and slow the volume of stormwater through the watershed, provide a safe place for overflows, protect the city’s wastewater treatment plant, and expand upon and connect national and regional trail systems. Green infrastructure techniques, such as Dubuque’s green alley program, are becoming increasingly popular for communities as a means of managing and capturing stormwater and can also have added community and economic benefits.

fireToo Little Water

Hotter and drier are the themes for regions such as the Southwest and Great Plains, fostering increased wildfires and water scarcity. Extreme droughts are likely, as warmer temperatures result in melting and decreased snowpacks and depletion of groundwater and aquifers. Add in western water laws, and there is a recipe for real conflict over water resources. You’ll hear from Willits, California City Manager Adrienne Moore and Wichita Falls City Manager Darren Leiker on their cities’ efforts to conserve and reuse water and to adapt for the long-term reality in which water is a scarce commodity.

Colorado is a state of extremes. Karen Weitkunat, Mayor of Fort Collins will share the impact that the devastating 2012 High Park Fire had on water quality and how it served as a precursor for the extreme flooding that occurred the following year. She’ll share lessons learned from the two events and how communities are building back stronger, safer and more resilient.

Preparing Our Communities
Whether they are facing too little or too much water, communities cannot rely on past data to predict future needs. Climate change is introducing new challenges and risks for water quality and availability, and exasperating existing ones. Join NLC in Austin to dive deeper into these topics. Learn from experts about the impacts of climate change and how you can prepare and adapt to build a resilient community.