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See you in Austin!

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Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP) is delighted to be part of the National League of Cities (NLC) Congress and Exposition Event November 18 – 27 in Austin, Texas. As a current NLC business partner and organization dedicated to advancing cities and communities, USP is very excited to be an integral part of the event again this year. USP advisor, Jim Hunt, will also be one of the participants in the Solutions Session on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. sharing information about solutions city leaders can easily implement into their own communities.

Embracing the conference theme, “The Future of Cities,” USP’s Service Line Warranty Program is a perfect example of how cities can improve for their future. Through water conservation and addressing aging infrastructure, the program aims at advancing communities through an affordable program for homeowners. Together with the National League of Cities, the Service Line Warranty Program is a high-quality and trustworthy program to address the rising costs of utility line repairs.

Be sure to stop by the NLC Pavilion to see the USP team and learn more about how our program can help your community. Current partners are also invited to stop by the booth for a special gift for your participation in the program.  President and Chief Executive Officer, Philip E. Riley, Jr., along with Vice President of Business Development, Brad Carmichael, advisors Jim Hunt and Cathy Spain and many other members of USP’s team will be at the booth throughout the event.

See you in Austin at #NLCATX!

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