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Summer Plumbing Tips


Summer is a great time to encourage homeowners to perform a maintenance check on their plumbing. Water usage soars during the summer months from heat and summer-time activities. As we play and swim, many families will find themselves with a few extra loads of laundry per week and maybe a few extra showers. Homeowners can start the season off right with a quick check throughout the home and property to conserve water and avoid a hefty repair bill.

In the Home

  • Check washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks and cracks. Washing machine hoses should be replaced every three years.
  • Be sure your washing machine is at least four inches from the wall so hoses won’t kink and damage.
  • Do a thorough cleaning on your dryer lint trap regularly to avoid buildup.
  • Don’t send grease, fats or food down the drain. When washing foods like corn, be sure the strings don’t go down the drain and clog your pipes.
  • Heat and humidity will cause ducts to create condensation, which can easily back up drains if they are not clear. Check for leaks and condensation on your pipes regularly.
  • Clean up your garbage disposal by placing a cup of ice inside. Then, while running cold water, turn on the unit. Repeat a few times to ensure it’s clean. Then place a capful of vegetable oil down the disposal, which will act as a natural lubricant.


  • Inspect hoses and outdoor faucets for leaks and cracks.
  • Don’t just turn off the hose nozzle; turn it off at the connection. A leaky hose could burst under pressure if water is still pumping, causing water loss and ruining your equipment.
  • Set up a rainwater barrel to collect water for your plants. This not only helps conserve water for the environment, but will help you save money on your water bill.

Extended Trips

  • Going away for a while? Turn off the water and turn down the temperature. This will save energy while you’re away and in the event of a leak or break, prevent a bigger mess from occurring.

5 thoughts on “Summer Plumbing Tips

  1. This is some really good information about plumbing. I liked that you pointed out that a cup of ice could be a good way to clean out your garbage disposal. That does seem like a good thing for me to remember. I am a new homeowner and I want to keep my kitchen in good shape.

  2. I always forget to turn of the hose! Last month we got our water bill and it was through the roof. Not to mention our yard was flooded. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll try and leave a note on the handle or something to remember.

  3. These tips are all really great to keep in mind during the summer. My favorite one was checking the washing machine since hoses should be replaced every three years. Although I think I would rather hire a professional to come look at anything that didn’t seem right since I don’t know much about the replacement tasks for plumbing. Thanks for the great tips I will keep them in mind while looking for a plumber.

  4. Thanks for these plumbing tips for the summer. I actually didn’t know that heat and humidity could cause some drains to back up if they are not clear. You mentioned that it’s important to look for condensation on the pipes often, but I’m a bit curious to learn what people can do if they do happen to see this or even a leak, or at least what they can do while they wait for a repair service.

  5. I didn’t know you could clean your disposal by running ice cubes through it. That sounds like a simple easy way to maintain one of the most important parts of your kitchen. No one wants to take the time to fix their disposal, so thanks for these tips.

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