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Year in Review

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For Utility Service Partners, Inc., 2015 was an extraordinary year. We experienced exceptional growth in North America, adding 74 new partners, representing more than 600,000 households. Working with the National League of Cities has led to new partnerships in the US that include Arlington, Texas, and Newark, New Jersey. We have also developed a partnership with the Local Authority Services, which has led to our healthy growth in Canada. We are delighted with the opportunity to bring this beneficial program to so many new homeowners while helping communities address their aging infrastructure issues.

In addition to our new community partnerships, our consumer brand, Service Line Warranties of America, was awarded the 2015 West Virginia Municipal League Conservation Award at their annual conference. This award represents the commitment Utility Service Partners, Inc. has to environmental initiatives and raising awareness in the community for water conservation.

As we look to 2016, Utility Service Partners, Inc. is poised to continue to be the leading provider of utility service line warranties to communities in North America. Our strategic approach to solely partner with communities demonstrates our commitment to promoting the integrity and reputation of the city’s brand. We value the endorsement of our fantastic partners, the National League of Cities in the United States and the Local Authority Services in Canada. Working with these incredible organizations and the state-level municipal leagues helps keep our program in line with the needs of local communities.

We thank you, our partners, for taking the initiative to introduce the valuable program to help protect your homeowners from the high cost of utility line repairs. More than 100,000 homeowners have benefited from your decision to bring the NLC Service Line Warranty Program to your community, saving homeowners more than $64 million in repair costs. We look forward to serving your homeowners in the new year.

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